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B2B businesses looking to build customer engagement
14 December 2020
One of the trends we have seen in 2020 is a growing interest in customer engagement from B2B businesses. Take some of our clients in the building products manufacturing sector for example.
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Creative Carrie on MiMA 2021 shortlist
9 December 2020
We’re absolutely buzzing with the news that our creative lead Carrie Baldwinson has been shortlisted for the Made in Manchester Awards – MiMA 2021
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The art of engagement in the age of personalisation
1 December 2020
There was some interesting research from Google recently that looked at consumer behaviour around buying insurance, and what insurance in the digital age might look like.
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In the pink on National Kindness Day
13 November 2020
It’s National Kindness Day and we believe a little kindness goes a long way in the workplace
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More to AR than fun filters
6 November 2020
Our digital effects team has been having a bit of fun lately with some cool AR filters for social. But there’s a serious side to it too
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Getting Covid Connect-ed
22 October 2020
Managing the workforce and the workplace in the Covid era is presenting a whole host of new challenges for HR and operations teams. That's why we've developed an app to help.
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