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Employee Lifecycle.

Enable your people to thrive from day one with our employee engagement platform
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Engagement isn’t a one-time thing

Whether it’s the first day on the job, offboarding or anything in between, engaging your people across the entire employee lifecycle is key to enabling your people to thrive.

Engage Colleague allows you to build engagement at every stage of the employee lifecycle. The result? Happier and more productive staff, increased retention and proper employee advocacy.

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In the fight for talent, employee advocacy goes a long way. An employee referral is a vote of confidence in your company’s culture and future. Enable and reward employee referrals through our employee engagement platform, increasing your pool of candidates and reducing recruitment costs.

  • Increase your pool of talent
  • Attract the right candidates
  • Reduce cost of recruitment
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Research shows that up to 20% of new hires quit their jobs within the first three months, and replacing a salaried employee is estimated to cost a whopping 6-9 months’ salary.

Engage Colleague ensures you engage new hires before they walk through the door with an effective pre-boarding strategy. It also enables a streamlined recruitment process, reducing time-to-hire.

  • Engage new recruits early
  • Reduce cost of recruitment
  • Reduce time-to-hire
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person being onboarded via the Engage app


First impressions count. Getting onboarding right means ensuring new hires have all the information and tools they need to hit the ground running, as well as an understanding of where they fit in your organisation.

With Engage Colleague integrate new hires quickly and effectively, deliver role-specific training and stay connected wherever they are.

  • Increase employee engagement, from day one
  • Streamline the onboarding process
  • Reduce employee turnover
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Most employees start to disengage if they are left to coast. Continuous learning and development can lead to improved performance, increased job satisfaction and overall employee happiness.

Deliver personalised learning and development content and provide mentoring from anywhere with our employee engagement platform.

  • Promote a culture of continuous learning
  • Personalise training and development
  • Accelerate career progression
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If you want to keep your people happy, motivated and sticky then ongoing engagement is critical. Whether it’s giving employees a voice through feedback mechanisms, fostering a culture of appreciation through rewards and recognition or creating meaningful connections between employees and leaders, Engage Colleague puts engagement at the heart of your business.

  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Create a culture of appreciation
  • Support employees wherever they are
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There are lots of reasons people move on, but having a positive offboarding experience is just as important as onboarding. Ensure your leavers are your biggest advocates by providing channels for them to stay connected, engaged and make referrals – and even leave the door open for re-hiring.

  • Maintain connections with alumni
  • Ensure a smooth offboarding process
  • Identify causes of employee dissatisfaction
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Engagement, engagement, engagement

Attract and retain the best people with our employee engagement platform

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