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Keep people happy, motivated, and sticky through ongoing employee engagement.
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Don’t just recruit, retain

By giving employees a voice, fostering a culture of appreciation, and connecting people wherever they are you can create a thriving colleague community that’s hard to leave. Our colleague engagement platform helps you to:

  • Reach and support employees wherever they are
  • Create a culture of appreciation
  • Reduce employee turnover
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The problem with poor retention

The cost of replacing an employee is significant to say the least. Not only is training new hires expensive, but unhappy staff are less productive, and disgruntled ex-employees are more likely to speak poorly of your workplace. Did you know that:

  • The cost of replacing an employee ranges from one-half to two times their annual salary
  • Voluntary turnover impacts productivity, revenue and reputation
  • 52% of exiting staff say a manager or employer could have made them stay​
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The secret to retaining talent

The key to employee retention really isn’t a secret at all. Employees that feel valued and that they have a voice within your organisation are more likely to stay. Our colleague engagement platform enables you to achieve exactly that and then some, with:

  • Resource groups based on interests, background or professional aspirations
  • Kudos for their efforts and contributions
  • Recognition of milestones such as birthdays and years of service
  • Feedback mechanisms such as surveys and polls
  • Social platform capabilities to foster support and networking opportunities
  • Foster authentic dialogue with targeted and personalised messages
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Looking to retain your hard-won employees?

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