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Helping your colleagues create thriving customer communities

Engagement isn’t just reserved for your people. The brands that foster engaged customer communities will fare better, whatever your goal. Establish deeper relationships across the entire customer journey, build and maintain brand loyalty, drive growth and increase revenue with Engage. 
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Transform customer interactions 

Integrate your existing digital tools and systems, streamline, and foster a more consistent customer experience. Our colleague engagement platform also enables you to tailor customer experiences with timely, personalised content and experiences to individual customers or client segments, while empowering customers with self-service, enabling them to complete tasks and make in-app transactions, in their own time.  

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Endless customer engagement 

Create lasting, positive customer relationships by providing endless ways to engage your customers. Enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement thanks to personalised user experiences tailored to each customer’s unique needs and preferences, social interactions, and customer recognition and rewards for loyalty. Our colleague engagement platform helps you to enhance customer satisfaction and engagement, leading to improved loyalty and advocacy. 

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Deeper relationships across the entire customer journey 

Proper customer relationships are about more than conversion. Our colleague engagement platform allows you to deepen your relationship across every stage of the customer lifecycle, creating a thriving colleague community. And remember, ongoing engagement is critical whether you’re talking to customers in the traditional sense, donors, volunteers, prospects, or something entirely different. 

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Enrich your customer experiences 

Understand your customers better, enrich their experience, and build long-lasting relationships, elevating customer satisfaction levels, nurturing loyalty and boosting revenue. How? By delivering the personalised experiences your customers crave with real-time updates, news, and tailored messages. While ensuring a consistent, unified brand experience. 

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Building thriving communities 

Our colleague engagement platform provides a sense of belonging that increases customer retention and loyalty through targeted messaging, mandatory content acknowledgment, and customer feedback. It also enables your customers to voice their opinions and discuss their experiences, turning them into influential brand advocates. Create thriving communities of customers with shared interests, and foster connections, knowledge sharing and collaboration.  

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Foster advocacy and drive revenue growth 

Execute a customer engagement strategy that helps you to understand your customers better, create a customer experience that fosters advocacy and loyalty to drive revenue growth, and makes referrals easy. Helping you to make the most of your customer’s networks. Our colleague engagement platform provides all of that, and more! 

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