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In the fight for top talent, getting attraction right can make all the difference.
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The rules of new engagement

Not only identifying qualified candidates that are the right match for your culture and values, but bringing them into your orbit can be challenging. Our colleague engagement platform can help you to:

  • Leverage referrals to access a wider pool
of qualified candidates
  • Reduce the time and cost of recruitment​
  • Build a strong employer brand to attract top talent
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Attracting top talent is only getting harder

For some organisations, attracting the very best talent can seem almost impossible. And if they can get them in the first place, that top talent leaves once they’ve reached a certain level, leading to high turnover which drains resources. Did you know that:

  • 9 out of 10 employers struggle to fill jobs
  • The average cost of replacing an employee can be as costly as 150% of an employee’s salary
  • 89% ​of applicants consider the company reputation
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Building a magnetic employer brand

Attracting the right candidates become your best people, who in turn advocate for your company and help attract better candidates. And there you have it, a magnetic employer brand that stands you out from the crowd in the eyes of alumni, part-time employees, new hires, and beyond. Our colleague engagement platform enables you to create and share content that:

  • Foster advocacy by enabling your people to refer top talent
  • Highlights your organisation’s culture
  • Showcases your reputation as a values-driven organisation
  • Provides insight as to what they can expect when joining your team
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Looking to attract the best candidates?

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