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A win-win for membership organisations

09 Nov 2021, posted in

Membership organisations – the business networks and trade federations, hobby and lifestyle groups, sporting and leisure associations – they all face a common twin challenge: how to deliver the sort of membership value and experience that drives both retention and acquisition, while operating efficiently, profitably and sustainably.

It’s why we’re seeing growing interest in the Engage community app, repurposed as a ‘membership mobiliser’ to tackle that challenge head on. It’s a strong fit for any organisation looking to:

  • Digitalise the membership experience end-to-end, from joining or renewing, to automatic alerts and digital membership cards, to buying or booking, to surveying and consulting
  • Enable members to do more for themselves at their convenience, to connect more easily with other members and to contribute more actively and regularly
  • Drive communication and engagement by flowing all your great content directly into a member’s Facebook-style feed, reducing the reliance on endless emails
  • Harness the viral power of a social network but within the safety of a private app, with members able to post, comment and share as individuals, augmenting your own content and enriching the overall community
  • Improve the lean-ness and green-ness of your back-end operations, reducing paper and postal costs and focusing more on agility and sustainability

We sense there’s a real opportunity here for organisations to get that priceless win-win, enriching, enabling, retaining and building their member base while streamlining administration and operations.

Take a look at what your new digital world could look like.

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