Customer Lifecycle Management Platform - Engage Customer

Customer lifecycle.

Establish deeper relationships across the entire customer journey.
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Engagement isn’t a one-time thing

Proper customer relationships are about more than conversion. Engage Customer allows you to deepen your relationship across every stage of the customer lifecycle, creating a thriving customer community.

And remember, ongoing engagement is critical whether you’re talking to customers in the traditional sense, donors, volunteers, prospects, or something entirely different.

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Reach and engage prospects with content that drives awareness of the challenges you can help them navigate with our customer engagement platform. The first step on your path to cultivating a vibrant community that is both engaging for customers and will accelerate growth.

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Leverage targeted messaging and exclusive customer incentives to optimise conversion. Once you’ve fostered meaningful connections with prospects, our customer engagement platform helps convert them into paying customers.


Nurture customer relationships and inspire confidence. Our customer engagement platform simplifies transactions, helping you to transform the customer experience and drive purchases.

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Looking to revolutionise your customer engagement strategies?

Activate customers with meaningful and engaging touchpoints post-purchase. Engage Customer drives effective, continued customer engagement and loyalty.

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It’s said that it costs five times as much to acquire new customers than it does to keep existing ones. Personalised content and experiences, customer recognition, and more. Engage Customer helps keep your customers happy and makes renewals a no brainer.

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Harness the power of your customers’ networks by enabling and rewarding in-app referrals. Engage Customer helps you to build deeper relationships with your most important audience to drive referrals and increased revenue.

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Deepen customer relationships from the off

Develop lasting customer relationships
beyond just conversion.

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