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An employee engagement platform that enables your people to thrive.

We combine consumer-grade, mobile-first technology with unmatched engagement expertise, to fuel positive employee experiences and happier, more productive staff.
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Transform your employee communications

Built for mobile, Engage Colleague reaches every employee on the device they use most – and it’s desktop-friendly too. Our easy-to-use features have been designed to help you transform employee communications, employee experience and more.


Targeted messaging and notifications

Deliver targeted and personalised messages to your employees, ensuring that the right information reaches the right people at the right time.

Learning paths

Empower your employees with curated learning paths tailored to their individual needs and professional development.

Pulse surveys

Give employees a voice and take a temperature check of your organisation by providing regular feedback channels.

Customisable recognition programmes

Celebrate achievements and milestones and ensure every employee feels valued through personalised recognition.

Centralised resource hub

Provide easy access to everything employees need to do their job effectively, as well as key HR documents.

Social networking

Harness digital communication channels for employees to collaborate, share ideas and build stronger relationships.
Targeted messaging and notifications
Learning paths
Pulse surveys
Customisable recognition programmes
Centralised resource hub
Social networking

Engagement across the entire employee lifecycle

Employee engagement isn’t a one-time thing. Whether it’s the first day on the job, offboarding or anything in between, engaging your people across the entire employee lifecycle is key to enabling your people to thrive.

Engage Colleague allows you to build engagement at every stage of the employee lifecycle. The result? Happier and more productive staff, increased retention and proper employee advocacy.

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Engagement isn’t just reserved for employees. The brands that foster engaged customer communities will fare better, whatever your goal.

Establish deeper relationships across the entire customer journey, build and maintain brand loyalty, drive growth and increase revenue with our customer engagement platform.

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