Caring for the carers

Why healthcare organisations are investing in employee apps


Transforming internal communications

Staff feeling connected and informed is vital so there’s a real desire for quicker, easier, more real-time and targeted comms, news and messaging for every individual that will:

  • Get and keep everyone on the same page, regardless of role or location

  • Overcome the challenges around a very distributed, time-poor, high churn workforce

  • Contribute to sustained operational standards as well as supporting and sustaining staff


Improving employee experience

Organisations want a properly people-oriented tool that has all the capability out of the box to:

  • Make life easier and better everyday with all your communications, information and engagement essentials in one ‘go-to’ place

  • Support, nurture and safeguard staff from day one, from pre-boarding new recruits and video learning to wellness resources and confidential reporting

  • Build a culture and foster an operational style that encourages people to stay


Modernising intranets 

No intranet? Or an old desktop only version?  Care providers know that mobile has to be front and centre of any distributed workforce, allowing them to:

  • Create a common single sign-on platform across mobile app and desktop that delivers the requisite choice and flexibility for every user

  • Leverage familiar social media and consumer app styling to drive adoption and regular usage

  • Re-energise the whole intranet experience with dynamic creative content as well as evergreen resources and ultra-convenient self-service tools


Supporting digital transformation

Care providers are looking to make that transition from analogue to digital to:

  • Drive greater efficiency, innovation and care quality at a time of unprecedented pressure on staff

  • Enable and empower every staff member regardless of time or place

  • Manage risk, compliance and privacy obligations by keeping comms and data safely within the corporate firewall, and not leeching out into non-regulated apps

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Clients say...

“The app's social media styling really appealed because everyone knows instinctively how to use it”

“Engage has bridged the comms gaps caused by an increasingly distributed, non-desked and mobile workforce.”

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Personal feed
Contact directory
Social posting
Policies and procedures
Job vacancies
Events calendar
Benefits and incentives
Incident reporting
Digital payslips
On-demand eLearning
Employee awards
Thank you cards
Special interest groups
Pulse surveys

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You’re buying more than just the tech
We’re the UK’s leading engagement specialist so you also get a crack team of engagement success managers to support you every step of the way – named individuals who are hands-on from the initial onboarding phase through a lifetime of advice and support

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Integrate your Engage app

We integrate – and then some!
We can be that one window on your working world, linking seamlessly with all your HR and line of business systems. Our ready-to-go integrations allow you to develop and curate your own digital eco-system, all instantly accessible via single sign-on for maximum user convenience.


Engagement doesn’t stop with staff 
Internal engagement may be your priority but when you’re ready we can help you pivot to your external audiences too. Our private community app is based on the same tech and thinking, just focused on bringing together your stakeholders, third parties and service users

We can help you pivot to your external audiences too