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Why it’s time to ditch traditional company intranets

05 Jul 2024, posted in

Hybrid and remote working are the new normal. With your people working in different places or even different time zones, it’s essential for businesses to maintain an active and efficient online space.

While many businesses have an internal intranet or staff portal, most users are not happy with how it’s used and the experience on the user interface. In fact, 57% of staff don’t see a purpose to their company’s intranet. It’s clear internal intranets don’t work the way you need them to.

An Intranet is not an engagement platform. That means it’s not designed to enable people to engage with each other to help build thriving colleague communities. Businesses need a platform that engages and connects their people effectively. And that’s no small feat. However, if you do it well, an engaged workforce is 21% more profitable, and 87% more likely to retain staff.

So, if your business is still using an internal intranet, listen up. Here’s how the Engage platform can provide a more dynamic alternative to traditional company internal intranets.

1. Keeping everything in one place with integrated business tools

Most businesses use a wide range of websites and tools every day, from calendars and to-do lists to online meeting platforms and HR resources. Without a dedicated company space, it’s easy for important documents to be digitally misplaced.

Engage can integrate these tools within our platform to provide everything that your colleague community needs from a single, powerful resource hub. That way your people can focus on what matters most.

2. Adding a personal touch

You need to be able to communicate with your people quickly and easily – especially if they are deskless or nationally and internationally dispersed. With the option to share specific communications with target groups within your business, you can take engagement to the next level on the Engage platform. That means you can customise what you say, and how you say it. With personalised recognition programmes, colleagues’ achievements and milestones can be acknowledged and celebrated so they valued and stay engaged.

3. Let employees have their say

Colleagues can also interact with their company by providing feedback through Engage. Tools like pulse surveys can be employed for “temperature checks” to gauge opinions, so you can gather feedback on topics specific to your needs. These interactive feedback methods can increase colleague engagement while simultaneously reminding colleagues that their opinions are valued within the business. It’s a win-win.

4. Engagement at every stage of the employee lifecycle

Colleague engagement is a continuous process, and engaging employees from their first interaction with the business is key to creating a thriving colleague community.

By tailoring employee communications through customised notifications to employees at all stages of the employee lifecycle, Engage encourages increased productivity, retention, and proper employee advocacy.