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Private healthcare trending for Engage

02 Aug 2021, posted in

The private healthcare and educational services and social care market is ‘trending’ here at Engage. It’s not just a run of excellent client wins that’s exciting – but also the really strong fit and alignment between their requirements and our employee engagement app.

“Engage sits on everyone’s smartphone, and they can open it up when they want, knowing that it is a reliable ‘go to’ place for everything they need to know and for resources they need to access.”
Orbis Group

We know that connecting, supporting and engaging staff effectively and efficiently across a pressurised, distributed care environment is a big ask.

But thanks to our work with stand-out providers such as Outcomes First Group and Orbis Group, we’re confident that we have the answer to that ask in a mobile-first app that:

  • Pulls together all the communication, information and engagement essentials in one branded digital workspace, from personal feeds and messaging through to training, wellness, rewards and surveys
  • Combines all the power and convenience of a nextgen intranet with easy, intuitive social media styling – it’s like the best consumer tech but built for business
  • Can be rolled out in less than a month and has the full support of a hands-on, easily contactable, expert customer success team
  • Integrates effortlessly with line of business systems for seamless single sign-onTo get the full story on how we can support your operational health and employee wellbeing:

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