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Why engagement is everything: the business case for better proper colleague engagement

13 Oct 2023, posted in

Colleague engagement: what it is and why it matters

Let’s start with a simple truth. More engaged employees, temporary workers, suppliers, business partners, and even customers, fuels more positive colleague experiences and happier, more productive people.

It doesn’t matter what your company does, where you’re based, or the number of people on your payroll: a motivated workforce will outperform an unhappy every time. Research from Deloitte found that 87% of organisations list employee engagement as a key challenge, while Gallup stated that highly engaged teams generate a 21% increase in profitability and a 17% increase in productivity. In short, engagement pays, so what is it and how can it help?

How thriving communities create tangible results

At its simplest, ‘employee engagement’ is a catch-all term covering the different ways your workforce interacts with you and each other. There are many ways to motivate a workforce, but some are better (and ultimately more profitable) than others, which is why we advocate for something more enduring. Firing out a few celebratory emails or hosting the occasional team-bonding exercises may result in a short-term bump in morale, but if you or the C-suite members you report to want real boosts in productivity, you need to think much bigger.

We enable you to move beyond employee engagement. Because unlocking the true power of engagement sees a shift in mindset, one where you transform interactions with all of the people in your wider colleague eco-system. The goal? To create thriving colleague communities.
The difference is that by fostering a community – nurturing connections and interactions with all your people – we create a sense of belonging and shared purpose. We want all of your people to feel engaged, seen, rewarded and valued, as this is a proven way to increase productivity and profitability.

Engagement across your entire employee lifecycle

However, to create thriving colleague communities we must remember engagement isn’t a one-time thing. Whether it’s someone’s first day on the job or their last, engaging your people across the entire colleague lifecycle is key to enabling them to thrive.

An effective colleague engagement platform will help you to build engagement across every stage of the colleague lifecycle. The result? Happy and more productive people, increased retention, and proper employee advocacy.

Do it well, do it once: why better engagement now pays off later

Here’s a shocking statistic: it was recently estimated that the cost of replacing a full-time employee can cost a company anywhere between 3-6 months of that employee’s salary. From recruiters’ fees to advertising, lost productivity and the inevitably lengthy onboarding process, the costs really add up.

That’s why we’re such keen advocates for getting colleague engagement right from the start. If you do it well, you only have to do it once, and the investment you make in retaining a talented staff member will end up being a far smaller sum than replacing them.

A platform for success: how Engage Colleague helps you thrive

Research by Forrester shows that companies who consolidate their engagement tools into a single platform gain a 42% increase in employee productivity and a 31% reduction in wasted time. The Engage colleague engagement platform is that platform, offering everything from increased productivity to improved engagement, enhanced collaboration and a stronger sense of belonging.

Our platform is incredibly quick and seamless to integrate, coming in at an average of 6 weeks. This allows us to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. We also offer a range of pricing packages tailored to your organisation’s individual needs, meaning we can build a solution that works for you.

In summary, forget what you’ve heard about employee engagement. You need to transform interactions with all your people. Creating thriving colleague communities isn’t a nice-to-do, it’s a must-do, one that can help you to realise the benefits of the true power of engagement.

For more on how to create thriving colleague communities, visit: https://www.engagesolutionsgroup.com/employee/