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Engaged in Conversation…with Engage CEO Phil Wedgwood

29 Jun 2023, posted in

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the second season of our podcast series, ‘Engaged in Conversation’. And this time it’s back in video form, filmed in our very own studio, hidden away in the basement of our Manchester office.

Engage CEO Phil Wedgwood loves nothing more than to sit down and chat to clients, industry experts and influencers to broaden and deepen everyone’s understanding of the challenges with, and the value of, end-to-end engagement.

For the opening episode of season two, we’ve turned the tables and put Phil in the hot seat to find out about his new book ‘Destination Engage’, and how his brush with death pushed him to put pen to paper.

It’s a fascinating and personal story and really demonstrates the passion that Phil has both for engagement and for Engage. From a young age, Phil was a fan of technology and now describes himself as a “business technologist” who sees the value in combining tech with understanding and managing engagement to really make a difference.

Phil also talks about how the COVID-19 era has heightened businesses’ view of engagement and how he sees the last two years as being a pivotal moment in time.

So what are you waiting for?!

‘Engaged in Conversation’ is still available in audio form too, so why not subscribe via your podcast provider to ensure you never miss an episode?