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Bravo! Engage announces latest win for its community app

20 May 2021, posted in

Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has announced a further client win, consolidating recent successes in the insurance sector. Bravo Networks, which through its distinct network membership brands of Broker Network and Compass represents over 700 independent regional brokers across the UK, is to roll out ESG’s community app to enhance support to its Members.

The project represents a significant investment in digital transformation, with Bravo Networks keen to harness the latest in engagement technology not only  to improve its own service delivery to brokers and their digital journey, but also to strengthen the social and networking fabric of the membership itself.

Bravo Networks offers its Members access to a wide range of exclusive market products, robust partnerships and business support services. It has previously relied on email, separate extranet-style hubs, and web forums to provide information and advice, downloads of documents and templates, access to products and partnerships, and Member discussions. Now it will consolidate everything into a Bravo Networks-branded, mobile-first platform designed to make all aspects of the membership experience better, easier, and richer.

Jaime Swindle, Bravo Networks’ Managing Director explains: “The reason we exist is to help grow, protect and support our Members strategically, operationally and commercially. One of our broker Members once coined a Formula 1 analogy that describes the relationship brilliantly: they are the F1 team and we are their pit crew. The new app is letting us transform the pit stop – it’s fast, frictionless, smart and smooth. Members can get what they need and then get back to business.

Users will have rapid access to evergreen content; real-time alerts to key updates and product and market news; a direct message line into Bravo Networks’ subject matter expert teams; dedicated channels into strategic partners; and the means to securely network, message and chat within defined groups. For us, the ‘social’ element of the project, encouraging invariably non-competing brokers to connect and collaborate more with each other,  is a major feature. It’s not just about simply fostering more engagement within the safety of a private virtual space; it’s also about us having more visibility of broker concerns and issues so that we can respond appropriately.”

John Porter, ESG’s co-founder and commercial director comments: “Community or membership development is such a strong use case for engagement apps. Groups or organisations bound together by common interest naturally thrive on interaction and cooperation, and Bravo Networks is looking to Engage to help inject that dynamism while also delivering a very efficient, comprehensive and seamless support framework.”