Retail giant B&M puts stores in Engage for management engagement program - Engage Colleague

Retail giant B&M puts stores in Engage for management engagement program

20 Jul 2023, posted in

Engage Solutions Group (ESG), the engagement technology specialist, is continuing its run of success in the retail sector. It has confirmed that one of the UK’s fastest-growing variety retailers, B&M, has put ESG’s employee platform at the heart of an internal operations initiative, designed to transform communications, engagement and collaboration across the management layer.

Spokesperson for B&M explains: “We’ve now rolled the tech out to 1,100 managers across 700 plus locations and support office functions.  It’s already proving to be a real game-changer. The speed and targeting of news and updates, the group/role-based messaging and collaboration capability, the mobilised intranet and all the operational support that is at people’s fingertips, the two-way dialogue and feedback we’re getting, these are all proving highly enabling and empowering. It’s an ultra-efficient mechanism for ‘­ engaging the managers’ while the managers themselves trust it as their ‘go-to’ place and part of the daily fabric.”

Phil Wedgwood, Engage Solutions Group’s CEO, comments: “This is an interesting use case from B&M, with the platform tasked specifically with creating a thriving management community, based on more cohesion, connection, interaction, and sharing.  As a retailer, it’s very aware that its own success and performance is highly contingent upon its management layer, and the platform provides both a channel and a check and balance on this key group.”