The Power of a Single Employee Experience Platform

The Power of a Single Employee Experience Platform

09 Jun 2023, posted in

Enhancing Engagement, Streamlining Workflows, and Augmenting Existing Systems

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Introduction – why do we need a Single Employee Experience Platform

In the modern digital workplace, organisations grapple with the challenge of managing multiple tools, systems, and platforms to support their employee experience. This fragmented landscape can lead to inefficiencies, disengagement, and reduced productivity. However, forward-thinking organisations are realising the value of consolidating their employee experience into a single platform.

By integrating various tools, implementing Single Sign-On (SSO), and augmenting existing systems, organisations can unlock the true potential of their workforce and create a seamless employee experience. In fact, research has shown that organisations that consolidate their tools into a single platform experience significant improvements in productivity, engagement, and overall employee satisfaction.


The Challenge of Fragmented Employee Experience

Traditional employee experiences are often characterised by scattered communication channels, disparate systems, and complex workflows. Employees find themselves switching between various platforms and struggling to access the information they need.

This fragmented approach not only wastes valuable time but also hampers collaboration, engagement, and productivity. Additionally, managing multiple logins and navigating through different interfaces can be cumbersome for employees, leading to frustration and disengagement.


The Benefits of a Single Employee Experience Platform

Implementing a single employee experience platform, such as Engage, brings several key benefits.


1. Streamlined Workflows and Integrated Systems

A single platform eliminates the need for employees to switch between multiple tools and systems. By integrating various functionalities like document management (Sharepoint, Google, Box, etc..), task management (Trello, Jira, O365, etc..), project collaboration (Slack, Teams,, etc..), and more, Engage provides a unified environment that streamlines workflows and simplifies access to information. This integration enhances efficiency, reduces complexity, and allows employees to focus on their core tasks.

Research by Forrester shows that organisations that consolidate their tools into a single platform experience a 42% increase in employee productivity and a 31% reduction in wasted time.


2. Single Sign-On (SSO) for Seamless Access

Engage supports Single Sign-On (SSO), enabling employees to access all their essential applications and systems from a single login. By eliminating the need for multiple logins and passwords, SSO enhances convenience, security, and user experience. Employees can seamlessly move between different tools and systems without interruption, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. From Learning and Development (Linkedin learning, Cornerstone, etc..) to recruitment and onboarding SSO is a very simple process to hub and expose these platforms completely seamlessly to the employees.

According to a survey by Okta, organisations using SSO experience a 32% reduction in password-related help desk requests and a 28% improvement in employee satisfaction.


3. Augmenting Existing Systems

Engage acts as a powerful augmentation tool, enhancing the capabilities of existing systems and platforms. For example, during the onboarding process, Engage can integrate with an existing HR system (Workday, Core HR, ADP, etc) to streamline the documentation process, while also providing a centralised space for new hires to connect with their team members, access important resources, and receive personalised onboarding content. By augmenting existing systems with Engage’s features like messaging, social posting, and peer-to-peer recognition, organisations can create a more engaging and comprehensive employee experience.


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Studies have shown that organisations augmenting their existing systems with collaboration and communication tools experience a 20% increase in employee engagement and a 16% improvement in overall productivity.


4. Data-Driven Insights and Analytics

A single employee experience platform like Engage provides valuable data and analytics that can drive meaningful improvements. By capturing employee engagement

metrics, communication effectiveness, and collaboration patterns, organisations gain insights into their workforce dynamics and can make data-driven decisions. These insights help identify areas for improvement, track progress, and implement targeted strategies to enhance employee engagement and productivity.

Research by McKinsey reveals that data-driven organisations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, six times more likely to retain customers, and 19 times more likely to be profitable.


5. Enhanced Employee Engagement

A single employee experience platform fosters a sense of unity, connection, and belonging among employees. By providing a centralised platform for communication, collaboration, and recognition, Engage creates a strong community where employees can engage with each other, share knowledge, and build meaningful relationships. This sense of belonging and engagement leads to higher job satisfaction, improved employee morale, and increased loyalty to the organisation.

According to Gallup, highly engaged teams show a 21% increase in profitability and a 17% increase in productivity.


6. Consistent Branding and User Experience

With a single employee experience platform, organisations can ensure consistent branding and user experience across all employee touchpoints. Engage allows organisations to customise the platform with their branding, colours, and design elements, creating a cohesive and personalised experience for employees. This consistency reinforces the organisational culture, strengthens the employer brand, and cultivates a professional and engaging environment for employees.

Research conducted by Weber Shandwick found that organisations with consistent employer branding are 3.5 times more likely to be recognised as a top employer and attract top talent.


Five screenshots of the itsu 'its'su' employee app powered by Engage Solutions Group, a Employee Experience Platform




In the era of digital transformation, a fragmented employee experience can hinder productivity, collaboration, and engagement. By implementing a single employee experience platform like Engage, organisations can streamline workflows, enhance engagement, and augment existing systems for a more comprehensive and seamless employee experience.

The benefits are clear: increased productivity, improved employee engagement, enhanced collaboration, and a stronger sense of belonging.
Embracing a single platform approach is not just about technology; it’s about creating an environment that empowers employees, fosters connection, and drives business success.

Invest in the power of a single employee experience platform and unlock the full potential of your workforce.





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