New engagement vehicle for Motus Track & Van - Engage Colleague

New engagement vehicle for Motus Track & Van

10 Feb 2022, posted in

Motus Truck & Van, the South East’s leading Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles specialist, is the latest automotive name to go live with ESG’s engagement platform and colleague app.

Motus is rolling out both mobile and desktop versions of the app to 430 staff across 10 locations. The project is pivotal to its drive to improve company culture, staff communication and engagement following a major rebrand – the final stage of a merger process that brought together S & B Commercials and Orwell Truck & Van under the Motus umbrella.


Motus’s Head of Marketing Tom Sunderland explains: “We’ve brought together two amazing organisations who, while doing the same thing, actually had very different styles and processes. We’re now unifying and uniting those two brands into one, respecting historical and regional differences while seeding a new vision and values that will bring us together.

“We’re looking to achieve a lot at pace, so the universal connectivity afforded by the app was key. It’s one thing to want to create that colleague community, to enhance how we inform, motivate and reward our people, to build success together for the new brand. But you need a centralised engagement platform and a smart, end-user tool in place linking everyone together first. That’s the critical enabler for the type of universal support and interaction we want to provide for our team.

“As well as an instant mobile intranet, we’ve got a vehicle for our Leading Stars employee recognition scheme; one-touch access to rewards and benefits; messaging, social and feedback tools that encourage more two-way dialogue and allow senior management to engage directly with staff and to be much more visible and approachable; and, above all, the means to distribute equally easily both group content and comms tailored to regional or role-based teams.

“We may sell and service commercial vehicles but we know it’s our people who are the driving force of this business. With the Engage platform in play, we have so much more opportunity to deliver for them and to build that one Motus family.”