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Mountjoy builds better digital future for valued workforce

14 Sep 2021, posted in

Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has welcomed the successful completion of its latest employee app roll-out. Mountjoy, one of the UK’s fastest-growing building maintenance, FM and construction companies, has gone live with a custom branded app for both mobile and desktop, supporting 300+ staff across five locations.

With two-thirds of the workforce mobile and a strong company ethos of improving customers’ lives by enhancing their environment, Mountjoy wanted to better connect and support its staff – both to enhance their day-to-day experience at work and service delivery for customers.

As director Simon Winkworth explains:

“By deploying Engage we have very quickly connected all our staff – both office and trade – with a mobile-first intranet and communications tool that has a very modern ‘social media feel’. With so many staff either mobile or working remotely we felt It was vitally important to provide a platform for improving employee communication and collaboration, engagement and experience. Having reviewed the options on the market we decided to invest in Engage as the product was proven to work for companies with large and dispersed workforces.

“Specifically, every individual now has efficient, on-the-go access to all company news, updates and information. The social functionalities such as the ability to post news stories on the Feed, create secure group messaging for teams, and send thank you messages to colleagues – has helped streamline our own internal communications to one system that is accessible to our all our employees.

“Pre-launch, the Engage and Mountjoy teams did a lot of work pre-loading the app with fresh content and branding to ensure a bespoke look and feel from the outset. We held over 25 roll-out sessions for all employees to issue new smart phones, set up their accounts and introduce them to the app’s capabilities.

“We carried out a post-launch survey to get some initial feedback and the response has been incredibly positive, with many staff citing it as a great form of communication and a simple way to keep updated with company news.”

ESG’s Phil Wedgwood adds: “This has been a textbook deployment and has also highlighted some of the secondary gains to be had over and above the primary gear shift in connectivity and communication terms. For example, being able to strengthen GDPR compliance, drive more process efficiency through digital transformation, and exploit opportunities for continuous improvement around inductions, training and quality assessment – plus the future potential inherent in an app with limitless integration capability and single sign-on. Mountjoy has great construction pedigree – now they can build their own workspace at their own pace.”

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