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Meta announce the upcoming shutdown of its Workplace platform

06 Jun 2024, posted in

Meta recently announced the upcoming shutdown of its Workplace platform, affecting businesses worldwide. The platform will remain operational until August 31, 2025.

This development underscores the urgent need for current Workplace users to find a robust alternative for their enterprise social networking and internal communication needs. As businesses embark on their quest for a replacement, it’s essential to explore broader marketplace offerings that may offer enhanced features and a superior colleague experience.

For companies prioritising communication and fostering thriving colleague communities, Engage emerges as an ideal successor to Workplace. Engage focuses specifically on communication elements and the social aspects that enable colleagues and teams to engage with each other effectively, creating vibrant colleague communities. It is designed to support businesses throughout the entire colleague lifecycle, from attraction to separation, making it a versatile tool for any organisation.

Engage offers a multifaceted approach to employee interaction and community building.  Working with organisations such as Ford, B&M Retail, Coop, and Liverpool FC to create seamless integration with existing systems, providing colleagues with access to everything they need through a single pane of glass.

Engage facilitates effective communication across departments and teams, ensuring easy access to essential tools and resources, improving colleague experience through streamlined processes, recognizing people’s achievements, and gathering continuous feedback to enhance the overall workplace environment.

Transitioning from Workplace to Engage offers not only a similar set of functionalities but also additional capabilities that can significantly enhance colleague engagement. If you’re interested in exploring how Engage can fill the gap left by Workplace’s closure and provide a smooth transition for your organization, reach out to us. Discover how Engage can transform your colleague experience for the better.