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Leading employee app engages legal with trio of wins

28 Jun 2021, posted in

With three leading UK law firms – including Sunday Times ‘Best Companies to Work for’ regular Walker Morris– now live and further deals expected to close this year Engage Solutions Group CEO Phil Wedgwood is clear on what’s driving the uptake in employee apps. And he’s excited to be back innovating in the sector and bringing market insights gleaned from over a decade in the time capture space.


“We’re seeing the same three or four influences and pressures all coming together to create that ‘perfect storm’ catalyst. For one, there’s growing appreciation of the value of employee experience (EX) – it’s in Gartner’s hype cycle and is a big growth area. Second, there is the accelerated adoption of a mobile-first approach when it comes to internal comms, intranets, even L&D, in line with the inevitably more fluid and flexible working styles we’ll have post-Covid.

“The whole lockdown period has also helped illustrate the importance of having people-centric tools, things that help the individual, that inform, educate, sustain, encourage and enable. Things that you don’t look to the likes of Team or Slack to provide – but rather to a specialist engagement solution.

“The final driver is something that certainly pre-dates the pandemic but has undoubtedly gained traction because of it and that’s health, well-being and personal growth. It’s a prominent feature of every conversation in legal, the desire to step up and deliver on that agenda, both in terms of practical support and forging the right values, behaviours and atmosphere.

“I have fantastic memories of Rekoop and Intapp and it’s great to be back in legal having a different sort of conversation with a familiar audience. And anyone looking to transform employee engagement should take confidence in the fact not just that we have the go-to app – but also first-hand knowledge of the legal environment and firm dynamics. That’s a unique combination.”

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