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Latest Top 100 win strengthens ESG’s engagement with legal sector

17 May 2021, posted in

Engagement technology specialist Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has announced a further client win in the legal sector.  Top 100 firm Walker Morris is set to roll out ESG’s employee engagement app, linking all 450 staff together across mobile and desktop.

The investment is part of Walker Morris’s long-standing commitment to employee engagement. Annual appearances in the Sunday Times ‘Best Companies to Work for’ listings and regular award nominations for the quality of work, career development and social life are just some of the results of a sustained effort around improving experience and well-being across the business.

The roll-out of the ESG app will look to build on that success, with the initial focus being on an enhanced communications flow: the current email weekly digest will now move to the app, with its social style feed, push alerts and secure messaging making it very much easier for users to stay up to date and connect to the business and each other.

Deborah Fleming, Marketing and Business Development Director, explains: “The weekly email has been an incredible useful tool over the years but it has its challenges: huge email volumes mean that internal mails can sometimes get sidelined; it’s typically quite a long read so there’s a risk that key news gets missed; and we have no detailed analytics on how well each one performs and what news or content is resonating.

Being able to deliver a steady stream of updates; to use video and imagery far more freely; to encourage more two-way dialogue; having real-time insight into user metrics and gaining instant feedback; all this in an app environment that will be instantly familiar to anyone with a smartphone, it’s a logical next step.”

There are also plans to leverage the app’s mobile intranet capabilities, with contact directories, company policies and legal libraries all sitting behind the one front door and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Continues Deborah: “Keeping staff better connected, informed and supported, and helping deliver more frictionless day-to-day working, these are the priority outcomes for us. The whole push for greater digital enablement is exciting but it has to be predicated on meaningful improvements to staff experience and well-being, practice performance and ultimately client delivery. We’re confident that the Engage app will help us deliver on all fronts.”

Phil Wedgwood, ESG’s CEO, comments: “Judging from recent wins and on-going conversations, law firms know they need to look beyond traditional tools to boost on-going engagement efforts. They’re well aware of the limitations of email and static intranets and also the expectations that people have of their work tech – as consumers they’re totally at home with slick apps, immersive content and social networking, so why not put some of that cool digital feel and functionality into staff’s ‘go-to’ place?”