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Engage extends success in manufacturing sector with Kingspan win

09 Jun 2022, posted in

Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has announced another major client win in the manufacturing sector. Kingspan, the global leader in high-performance insulation solutions, has now gone live with its ESG-powered colleague engagement platform.

Kingspan_engagement3The deployment has brought circa 1,100 colleagues across nine locations together onto the one central platform, with the front-end mobile app connecting every individual directly with the business, including 750 non-desked personnel. This digital transformation is seen as essential if Kingspan is to achieve its ambitions around engagement and experience, as Tracey Jackson, People & Culture Director, explains:

“Kingspan is a multi-site organisation and, like many other distributed, fast-moving manufacturers, has a significant number of colleagues based in production and logistics without immediate access to IT facilities. We want to create a unified culture, with a consistent, people-centric approach across the whole company, and the engagement platform and user app is a key enabling mechanism that allows us to do that.Kingspan_engagement2

“It has quickly let us put in play many of the actions and resources that are key to the cultural piece: regular, easy to consume, tailored communications; agile survey and feedback mechanisms; recognition schemes; plus the day-to-day essentials of your mobile intranet, contact directory, collaboration tools. We are developing a rich, safe and positive digital environment in which our colleagues will feel more valued, more empowered and more connected to the business and each other.

“It’s important to add though that technology is only part of the equation. Having managed engagement programs in previous roles, I’m only too aware that success isn’t just about the product you choose but the people you work with from the get-go.

“That to me is the Engage difference: they’ve been a genuine digital partner throughout, from their initial enthusiasm and quick understanding at the selection stage, through to their responsive, constructive help and advice through the launch phase, and on to today’s continued support as we move through the plan. Stepping up with content services to strengthen our output is a great practical example of the team’s willingness to go that bit further. Engage hasn’t only helped us identify what engagement success looks like – they’re shoulder to shoulder with us as we set about delivering it.”