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Engage app to support pioneering provider of education & care services

09 Jun 2021, posted in

Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has announced details of its latest client win – it’s fifth new deal in a fortnight. Orbis Education & Care, a pioneering provider of specialist services for children and adults with complex needs associated with autism, will roll out ESG’s employee app to support its 900+ staff across 27 sites in mid and South Wales.

The deployment is part of Orbis’s on-going digital transformation effort, with the project’s primary drivers being to improve operational efficiency, internal communications and staff experience.

 Orbis’s Michael Peck explains:

“We’d identified a number of organisational needs that all pointed to a mobile-first employee app as a logical way forward. Internal email has proved ineffective for busy frontline staff who don’t always have the time or ready means to log-on and go through their inbox. This obviously impacts news and information flow and risks weakening the relationship between head office and staff on site.


“It also puts more pressure on managers to cascade updates down via verbal briefings, which again are not necessarily the best medium when staff are focused on residents’ care.  These are high quality support environments, so time is always a premium – to that end we also want to use the tools in the app to make the everyday just that little bit easier and more convenient for everyone.

“The Engage app is a great fit for those first phase priorities and for our future ambitions too. It sits on everyone’s smartphone, and they can open it up when they want, knowing that it is a reliable ‘go to’ place for everything they need to know and for resources they need to access. 

“Its social media styling really appealed because we have a broad spectrum of IT literacy across the workforce and everyone knows instinctively how to use it because it looks like Facebook or WhatsApp. As well as the personal feed carrying all the company news and updates, we’ll be looking at digital payslips and pulse surveys during the first phase, before moving onto enhancements for onboarding, recognition and wellness.

“The other important thing to note is that this wasn’t just a technology decision. People are at the heart of what we do, we’re passionate about our innovative care and support models that have evolved over the past 15 years, and we like to see those values in our IT partners. Engage very much stood out in that respect and we felt that we weren’t ‘just investing in an app’ but starting a relationship that will add significant value to our staff and our organisation as a whole.”