Clearbox Software Report 2024 - Engage Colleague

Clearbox Software Report 2024

29 Jan 2024, posted in

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Download the report for free and read the best 12 pages and an overview of the latest tools in the market.  Engage highlighted as one of the 7 global leaders in mobile first colleague engagement.

After months of rigorous preparation and reviews,  ClearBox has shared the highly anticipated 2024 edition of their annual review and it’s yours for FREE.  Check out Engage from Page 740 onwards.

Engage-clearboxHere’s why Engage is making waves:

🚀 Focused on the Employee Lifecycle: Our unique approach tailors the user experience to different stages of an employee’s journey, from new starters to alumni. This ensures that each employee receives relevant content and tools suited to their current phase, enhancing engagement and development.

📱 Exceptional Mobile Experience: Recognised for its clean, contemporary interface, Engage offers a mobile-first approach that’s both user-friendly and packed with branding options. Our platform seamlessly supports a multi-brand approach, adapting to the various stages of the employee lifecycle.

🔧 Configurable and User-Centric: With icon-based navigation and a customisable home menu, Engage makes navigating through features like ‘kudos’ and various content spaces effortless. Our aim is to provide an intuitive and tailored experience for each user.

🔍 Smart Content Targeting: Leveraging tools like smart groups, our platform ensures that content reaches the right audience. Engage’s publishing tools are designed to be simple yet flexible, creating an attractive and effective content delivery.

🏆 Innovative Features: From kudos tools and bite-sized training modules to the integration of augmented reality, Engage offers a plethora of innovative features. These tools are not just about engagement; they’re about bringing a new dimension to the employee experience.

💼 Integration and Versatility: Engage acts as a hub for your business, integrating with systems like Workday and providing services like holiday booking, payslip presentation, and much more.

📈 Attractive Pricing and Modularity: Engage is not just feature-rich but also cost-effective, especially for larger businesses. Its modular nature means businesses of all sizes can tailor the platform to their needs and budget.

We believe Engage is more than just a platform; it’s a gateway to enhanced employee engagement and efficiency, especially for those who rely heavily on mobile connectivity.

Click the link below to download your FREE copy now and empower your organisation with the knowledge needed to thrive in the digital age!

Download the report for free