Mobile-first engagement platform

What is unique to our colleague and customer apps is that they are powered by a mobile-first, enterprise-grade engagement platform.

That platform is built around the core Hub, providing a standard out-of-the-box solution, with the option to build out further via the Connect integration layer. Intelligence and Engage AR slot into the platform as optional layers, with Content-as-a-Service and Engagement-as-a-Service available to wrap around the technology.

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The App is available for both customer and colleagues, and on mobile and web/desktop. It’s the single sign-on access to everything you need. It leverages AI, Augmented Reality, Rich Push notifications and secure social messaging to deliver high-impact content and a very slick ‘social media’ digital experience.
The Hub is the control centre, the content management and system admin that drives engaging output but with strict governance and security controls.
Connect is where the integration magic happens. Our extensive APIs let you put multiple business systems behind one single sign-on front door, building rich digital spaces to support both customer and colleague lifecycles
Our advanced reporting offering, Engage Intelligence, provides data-driven insights to help organisations increase app adoption, retention, impact and long-term value
Engage AR
Engage AR is a separate module that clients can specify across both colleague and customer apps, unleashing the full potential of augmented reality content for use cases including customer marketing and colleague training.

In addition to the core platform, we also offer two As-a-Service options to help drive engagement success:

Content-as-a-Service is an optional package offering clients their own creative and design resource to ensure content is king and makes engagement come to life. The turnkey service focuses on digital assets, videography and augmented reality – engagement content that engages and works right first time.
Engagement-as-a-Service is an optional package for clients either looking to outsource the entire design and delivery of their engagement program; or keen to drive more success through strategic consulting and a range of advanced professional services.