A platform for business

The Engagement Success Platform was designed with two primary aims:

  • To help organisations get engagement programs off the ground quickly, without the need to eat the whole elephant in one go
  • To ensure that the technology could pivot effortlessly to meet the needs of both HR leaders and their CXO colleagues

Hence the architecture:

Engage Hub and App - 20 essential tools and one killer content management system, bringing to life the five pillars of engagement and driving digital adoption from day one

Engage Connect - our API component, letting you integrate additional systems and present them seamlessly via the App

Engage Intelligence – our BI layer, providing data-driven insights to help organisations cascade tailored metrics and KPIs directly to every colleague

Bring it together and you have something for everyone:

  • a secure, easily managed mobile people platform for HR;
  • a powerful, adaptable support system for COOs craving efficiency, consistency, and compliance;
  • a system aggregator and enabler that removes rather than adds complexity for CTOs;
  • an embedded means for CEOs to innovate, automate, differentiate
The engagement success platform
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