Connecting with employees at a really human level, seeking opinions, rewarding achievement, socialising peer recognition and gratitude, bringing people closer together through shared interests

Feedback through comments, shares and likes

Feedback loop

Great cultures are built on giving people a voice, listening and acting with a view to always improving. Comments, shares and likes across all content; polls and surveys; suggestions; and all-ways dialogue help you keep your finger on the pulse

Empolyee loyalty rewards


From employee of the month to long-service awards, use our award framework for easy end-to-end management – announce, run, present and highlight achievements all within the app

.Peer recognition

Thank you cards

Encourage both corporate and peer-to-peer recognition. Send thank yous or well dones to brighten someone’s day or give them a pat on the back

.Special interest groups

Special interest groups

Encourage people with common bonds to come together, transcending work roles, demographics or locations to build more social capital and connectedness