Why going digital is a win-win

Membership organisations – the business networks and trade federations, the hobby and sporting associations, and the service-oriented, like roadside assistance and holiday clubs – they all face a common twin challenge: 

How best to deliver the sort of membership value and experience that drives both retention and acquisition, while operating efficiently, profitably and sustainably?

Our engagement app offers a ‘Super Six’ set of pointers:


Digitalise the membership experience end-to-end, from joining and renewing, to buying and booking, to surveying and rewarding. Put all that self-service convenience right there at members’ fingertips.


Reduce paper and postal costs and focus more on agility and sustainability – swap handbooks, magazines and membership cards for their digital in-app equivalent, and bank that green-ness and lean-ness dividend.


Enjoy that direct connection between you and your members. Get news out quickly. Share out your great content. Use messaging to be more responsive and available. Move away from one-way emails to get that two-way dialogue going.


Forget clunky forums and toxic public platforms. Harness the viral power of a social network but within the safety of a private app, with members able to post, comment and share as individuals, augmenting your own content and cranking up that community buzz.


Drive participation and loyalty through gamification and rewards. Incentivise referrals with unique codes and friend-get-friend bonuses. Easily spin up competitions and roll out special offers.


Encourage input and new ideas though suggestions and surveys. Build richer social fabrics and stronger bonds and create that sense of ownership and personal investment.


Out of the box | Live in a month

Personal feed
Members contact directory
One to one and group messaging
Social forums
Push notifications
Documents and resources 
Self-service renewals and subscriptions
Events calendar
Recognition and incentives
Events booking
Member request forms
Referal schemes
On-demand eLearning
Member awards
Thank you cards
Special interest groups
Pulse surveys

Good to know


You’re buying more than just the tech
We’re the UK’s leading engagement specialist so you also get a crack team of engagement success managers to support you every step of the way – named individuals who are hands-on from the initial onboarding phase through a lifetime of advice and support.

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Integrate your Engage app

We integrate – and then some!
We can be that one window on your membership world, linking seamlessly with other organisational systems to build out richer, bigger, cleverer environments.


Helping the content flow
If you struggle with keeping the content coming, then our creative and production team can help. They know the app, they know engagement, they know how to keep your feed thriving and your membership with it.

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