John’s story

Say hello to John. John is one of the most genuine, passionate, helpful, committed and loyal guys you could ever wish to meet. He epitomises the engaged colleague. Which is handy for us as John is one of ours – he spearheads our sales efforts and so it’s quite likely you may one day experience the ‘J factor’.

But we’re not talking about John because he’s a poster boy for engagement. No, it’s more that his story is basically our story too. John has been around engagement before it was engagement. In the analogue era it was internal comms, all newsletters and magazines. As digital took off, so did electronic media and the concept of the corporate intranet. John helped clients with it all. And slowly, engagement started to become a ‘thing’. When the iPhone was born, it was only a matter of time before it ‘app-ened’.

John understood it as well as anyone - and he helped us get there first.

In 2014, it was John and the team who took what was the UK’s first ever employee engagement app and made it a standout performer. As competitors poured into the market, we ensured we maintained our leading position. And it was John’s relationships and experience that gave us a wealth of insight on the evolution of engagement and corresponding tech. So when in 2017 Phil and Phil wanted to take things to the next level, they soon had their answer: the engagement success platform.

Today John is still leading from the front, enthusing his team and sharing our new ‘world view’: that your challenge isn’t pushing the benefits of engagement – everyone gets why it’s a ‘good thing’ – but making a success of it. Programs get launched with fanfare, then fizzle out; some never get off the ground at all. Apps come and apps go, too limited, too disjointed to embed themselves properly.

“Where do I start? What do I do next? How do I link things together? Why does it have to be so difficult? What does success even look like?

If you’ve been wrestling with those questions, then talk to John. He’ll take you through our discovery methodology that helps you zero in on the real challenges – and the opportunities we can create for you. Together we will work out exactly what success looks like. And once the business case is proven, he’ll happily take you through the tech that will deliver on that ambition – delivering benefits from day one and making a successful engagement journey at your own pace. Because every story needs a happy ending.