The complete customer app

There’s never been a more critical time to get serious about customer engagement – and no better time to get a serious customer app.

With our oven-ready framework there’s no need to build from scratch. Your branded, bespoke app can be live in weeks and support your customer journey for years.

Whether yours is a consumer or business audience, here is your dynamic, enduring connection to them - transforming communication, service and support and strengthening relationships, retention and revenues.

This is modern customer engagement, with our tech as the enabler and our team as your guide. Together we can set you on the right course.


Set your customer journey on the right COURSE:

Convert more new customers by surfacing the app on social and web, bringing them into your branded community as customers-to-be

Own the customer lifecycle, not just the transaction, and obsess about relationships and lifetime value

Drive upsell, cross-sell, resell by automating future sales opportunities to encourage customers to buy more and/or buy again

Get the most out of customer recommendation and satisfaction, system-enabling referrals and loyalty rewards to boost both retention and acquisition

Empower customers with fast, convenient self-service and self-help options, letting them order, book, check, research and update details 24/7

Always deliver a great customer experience, creating more wow through innovation, personalisation and stand-out content

Get social, get connecting

Inspired by all the great social media tools in people’s personal lives, we’ve baked into the app our own enterprise-grade versions for their working lives. We call it Social Media for Business – so it's secure and compliant but also instantly familiar and user-friendly, with something for every generation.

Innovate with augmented reality

We’re the only oven-ready customer app with built-in support for augmented reality (AR). So take advantage with eye-catching, immersive content that can take your communications, service and marketing to the next level

Making it easier to do engagement better

Engage is all about power and simplicity. It’s one unifying platform for mobile and desktop; easy administration and content creation; seamless integrations and extensions; and visual analytics and metrics to help drive success.


Set your customer engagement on the right COURSE