The complete colleague app

Communication, engagement, experience, recognition and support characterise the modern, progressive workplace.

The best businesses understand the correlation between investing in your workforce and big boosts to performance, culture, wellbeing, efficiency, quality and profitability.

That’s why they invest in the right tools for the job - letting the likes of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack take care of the work, and choosing our oven-ready, brandable employee app to take care of their people.

Engage is on mobile and desktop, so everyone, everywhere can plug into the organisation. And with everyone plugged in, you can reach out and connect your workforce

REACH out and connect your workforce

Re-engage with all colleagues, desked and non-desked, and encourage and empower them to play their part in the company’s success

Provide easy access to all the occupational resources and support your colleagues need to do their job efficiently, effectively, safely and compliantly

Automate tasks to encourage smarter working, self-service and self-help - enhancing experience and convenience at the front-end, improving efficiency at the back

Continuously improve the business through real time feedback, suggestions, two-way dialogue and robust measurement of progress – give your colleagues a voice and visibility of the mission and their role

Invest in a healthy, energised workforce, and champion wellness, equality, learning and development – reward effort, celebrate achievement, help and acknowledge your peers

Get social, get connecting

Inspired by all the great social media tools in people’s personal lives, we’ve baked into the app our own enterprise-grade versions for their working lives. We call it Social Media for Business – so it's secure and compliant but also instantly familiar and user-friendly, with something for every generation.

Innovate with augmented reality

We’re the only employee app with built-in support for augmented reality (AR).  So take advantage with eye-catching, immersive content that can take your communications, onboarding  and training to the next level

Making it easier to do engagement better

Engage is all about power and simplicity. It’s one unifying platform for mobile and desktop; easy administration and content creation; seamless integrations and extensions; and visual analytics and metrics to help drive success.


REACH out and connect your workforce