Our engagement apps are the containers - it’s the content you put into them that makes the magic happen. And it’s the quality and consistency of your output that reinforces the message, builds the connection, educates, excites, informs and entertains.

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Turn on the flow of digital assets

Content will always be king, which is why we offer a Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) option for those clients keen to set a winning content strategy and secure a sustained flow of stunning assets - including video, augmented reality, and both analogue and digital media.

And because we built the platform, our digital creative team – unlike your regular digital agency - knows exactly how to align and deliver content to best effect, and how to leverage to the max embedded features such as augmented reality.

Operating from Manchester’s coolest studio hub, we are here to light up your apps and ensure your engagement success burns brightly

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Content your way

CaaS agreements are tailored to individual requirements, with the benefit of a predictable annual cost and the flexibility of drawing down days as needed.

Each one is built from four key strands:

Content Strategy

Successful content creation is based on a close relationship with your marketing/ leadership team and a proper understanding of your values, messaging, priorities – and app users.

Regular strategy sessions ensure we are collaborating to maximum effect, reviewing success, planning appropriately and delivering effectively for a multi-generational audience.


Getting users on board at go-live and driving positive adoption in the weeks/months after takes not just a concerted effort but technique too. Many organisations like to draw on our experience and expertise around successful roll-outs to give them extra support at this stage, including:

  • Video launch
  • App branding and identity
  • Logos and straplines
  • Posters, graphics and icons
  • Brochures and ezines
  • User guides
  • Augmented reality trailers
  • Image library

Platform Design

While the standard build allows for corporate branding, there is always the potential for further personalisation and customisation; plus there’s the inevitable desire to revamp and refresh the look and feel, either to reflect a change in your own brand or in the wider digital environment.

  • We can work as your app design team or in partnership with your incumbent agency to optimise the UX through:
  • Creative assets for app backgrounds and home screen tiles (App & Web)
  • CSS and styling templates for all article publishing Custom loading images
  • Thank you card designs and values – how can we align this to your company values and internal initiatives?
  • Award templates and designs
  • Registration screen branding and design

Support in-life

A dynamic, ambitious content strategy stands and falls by its day-to-day output. Generating a regular stream of varied, engaging content for multi-faceted audiences is a huge ask for often tightly stretched internal comms or customer marketing teams.

Content-as-a-service gives you access to professional helping hands that encompass the full creative spectrum, from design through to post-production across video, greenscreen, augmented reality, audio, web and physical collateral. It also gives you priority access to our studio facilities for any content project.

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