Augmented reality

The first rule of engagement is to be engaging! That means having a steady flow of winning content to put in front of your audience.

And for us here at Engage, it also means going further than traditional rich media like video and insta galleries, as we bring the world of augmented reality (AR) into the mainstream.

The use of AR across corporate comms, training and development and customer marketing has taken things to a whole different level

Time to explore the ARt of the Possible!

Because of its immersive qualities and ability to convey lots of information in an impactful, interactive way, AR is becoming an increasingly popular choice for organisations looking to innovate around communications, training, and marketing.

So we’ve put full AR capability into the app for starters. And, thanks to our AR studio – featuring Manchester city centre’s largest dedicated greenscreen facility - and our creative and digital teams, we can also offer clients a turnkey content production service.